About Me


My Background

I have been painting and exhibiting since the early 1990's mostly in the Southeast. In addition, I have been in exhibitions in NYC through World Fine Art Gallery, Ariel Gallery and Abney Gallery. I am inspired by nature and the local beauty of the area, as well as the psychological processes that create this inspiration. 

I was educated at the University of Tennessee (BS, MS and PhD) in Human Ecology. I began painting in the early 80's as a watercolorist painting mostly nature, and rapidly moved into various mixed media, larger creations and more abstract designs. My work is mainly from self-exploration and experimentation with the medium and from the passion of exploring color and texture. 


My Inspiration

I paint in impressionistic and abstract expressionism styles, usually with lots of dramatic color.  Each creation I hope will evoke a deeply moving response in the viewer.. Every painting holds within itself a hidden message, passion, revelations and details often concealed even from my own awareness until the work is complete. 

I often expand from my point of departure and welcome the independent life of the medium. I react to what is occurring both consciously and unconsciously. Confrontation occurs; inner emotions are expressed and a statement is made. My work always reveals the truth, but not necessarily the whole truth. Let your soul explore and your mind reflect as you view the compositions.